Vancouver – Medina

Also before heading home was able to eat at one of the top brunch spots in Vancouver. Normally in warmer weather there is a long line outside that I’m unwilling to stand it but when it’s 0C out there isn’t. We were able to get seats at the bar right away. They’re known for their waffles and they were indeed very good, nice and chewy with a good contrast between the crunchy exterior and steamy center. The house-cured peameal bacon was a letdown though, very dry liked it was in the oven way too long. Guess even though I was in Canada should’ve known better since we were nowhere near Ontario. The Coca was pretty good but wish had more of the pork ragout on it.


Blistered Woodstone Fired Flatbread, Pork Ragout, Sfoglia Cheese, Truffled Potato Purée, Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Hannah Brook Farms Greens, Fried Egg


Liege waffle – dark chocolate



Vancouver – Pidgin

I’d been wanting to try Pidgin for a while and after a very cold and lots of waiting for lifts at Whistler I decided to come down to Vancouver a night early. Glad I did as the food at Pidgin was very good and had a wide range of booze on offer. I went from a cocktail to a sake flight and finished off with a glass of BC Meritage. The only thing that was a bit weird as they only had a single item for dessert and it’s relatively easy to make, makes me think they don’t have a pastry chef.
The foie gras and fried chicken wings were my favorite. The pork belly was cooked Taiwanese style and while the flavor was good the pork was quite dry, it was so lean it was almost like a pork loin roast with a bit of fat on top. Would’ve preferred a fattier cut that melts in your mouth.


Chicken Wings – very light batter, Japanese style


grilled asparagus, smoked mayonnaise, cured yolk gremolata


pork belly rice bowl, asian pear kimchi, bamboo, quail egg; foie gras rice bowl, chestnuts, daikon, unagi glaze 27 daily fish MP


Chocolate pot de creme


Seattle – Eden Hill

To start the new year one of my favorite Seattle restaurants was hosting a Figgins wine dinner. I’m usually not a fan of pumpkin at all and the veloute was really good. K liked both beef dishes the best and I would agree although I really liked the miso ice cream, I finished off hers as well.


Octopus terrine – mango vinegar, citrus mayo Earth tea puff – foie gras mousse


Aged Beef Tartare – fermented habanero tostada, fish caramel, cured egg


Pumpkin Veloute – matsutake, pumpkin leaf, truffle


Lamb Neck Sugo – celery root lasagna, horseradish, thyme, olive


Wagyu Fillet – smoked marrow bordelaise, broccoli, pommes fondant


Miso Caramel Ice Cream – cocoa miso, coconut granola, dark chocolate


Foie Gras Cake Batter – strawberry, sprinkles, pair cake

Ski Lodge – Eastern BC

The snow was so much better than anticipated and got plenty of face shots the first day and then it was bluebird for the rest of the trip. Very fun trip although didn’t get nearly as much vertical as I would like.



Better egg mcmuffin


Mussels in white wine


Scallop, pork belly, and mushrooms


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Golden, BC – Fire Pit BBQ

Surprising BBQ joint after a long day in the car. Got pulled pork and brisket. 

Los Angeles – The Baazar

For the second night in a row we went to another Jose Andres restaurant that was significantly better than Cleo. It helps that it wasn’t Christmas and near the Staples Center, but the food was just incredible. Tapas is one of my favorite types of meals to eat and I went a bit overboard ordering but we only left one piece of the beef cheek which was the last savory dish to come out. They have a totally separate dessert area where all their creations are on display so we could go eat with our eyes before filling our bellies even more.


Serrano Ham – tomato bread


Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche – leche de tigre, sweet potato, freeze-dried corn, cilantro


Eggplant Tempura – local honey, buttermilk


Oxtail Steamed Bun – watermelon radish, cilantro, serrano chili


Fried Squid – Aioli, parsley puree


Not Your Everyday Caprese – cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella


Local Baby Beets – smoked yogurt, pickled carrots, walnuts, avocado


Uni & Eeel Rice – strawberry, black garlic, wasabi


Japanese Tacos – bbq eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron


“Philly Cheesesteak” – air bread, cheddar, wagyu beef


“Rossejat” Negra – paella-style pasta, squid ink, sepia sofrito, shrimp


Jamon Croquetas – fried quail egg, escalivada puree


Secreto – Iberico bellota, salsa verde


Seared Wagyu Beef Cheeks – black garlic, cherries, black olive







Liquid Nitrogen Caipririnha



Rum Baba – white chocolate, coconut, lime


Crunchy almond praline, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate tart


Los Angeles – Grand Central Market, The Broad, K-town, Arts District

With most things back open did a lot of walking and a few car rides to check out the arts culture here. We started with breakfast at Grand Central Market, not much was open at 9am but there was coffee and bagels, all that we needed.



Pastrami, Cheddar and Egg

Sadly the Angels Flight wasn’t running so we walked up the stairs next to it to get to The Broad. Since we had already seen Kusama’s exhibit in Seattle we went up to staff who gave us tickets for the 11am GA gallery. Had an hour to kill so walked to Grand Park the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. Both had nice water fountains.


The collection on display at The Broad was small since the first floor was dedicated to Kusama, we still saw lots of cool pieces.

K town for a quick lunch.


Blood Sausage



Back to downtown area at Little Tokyo. Mostly just shops so nothing really interesting to photograph but did get some honey icecream.


From there it’s a half mile to get to the arts district and sadly everything was closed so only got to see the murals.