James Beard Dinner @ RN 74 Seattle

For years now the James Beard Foundation has been hosting celebrity chef dinners all over the country. Went for the first time and after this meal already thinking of going to the one in Kirkland in October. The first dinner was held at Beard’s house in 1986 and 12 people showed up to have a meal cooked by some guy called Wolfgang Puck, 7 courses for $40 (~$87 today!). Times have changed and now the tickets are highly sought after and chefs are honored to go to NY to cook at the house even though they have to pay their own way there.

The wines were excellent and went well with the food. My favorites were the foie gras and lamb, the oyster dish was the most interesting as it combined Asian ingredients with the fried oysters.


Menu for the night, sadly one chef from Boston couldn’t make it due to two cancelled flights.

Had four seafood amuse bouche during cocktail hour.


Alaskan cod


Geoduck sashimi




Bay shrimp pepper bomb


Hamachi sashimi (green strawberries, nori, fresh wasabi) – Jason Franey (Canlis – Seattle)


Oysters (fresh tofu, kimchi “stew,” mitsuba) – David Varley (RN74 Seattle)


Stuff rabbit saddle (Burgundy snails, chorizo) – Jason Barwikowski (Restaurant Portland)


Roasted foie gras (porcini, charred onion broth, crispy duck confit) – Adam Sobel (RN74 SF)


Charred lamb saddle (wild licorice, morels in lamb fat, Rainier cherry relish) – Matthew Jennings (Farmstead Providence)


Rhubarb “cheesecake” (basil, fennel, strawberries) – Michael Mina (Michael Mina Group SF)



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