Banff – Bison Restaurant

Wrapped up the vacation with more meat. The appetizer and steak were very good, but the shortribs weren’t as good as Sleeping Buffalo’s. They were a bit more dry and less flavorful unless you added some bacon to the bite then it became much better. I’m not even that big a fan of bacon but it was needed in this preparation. The dessert was really fun and not too heavy.

For both Bison and Sleeping Buffalo I was quite disappointed in their wine by the glass selection. Despite being so close to BC they didn’t have any, in fact the only Canadian red they had was the same pinot from Ontario. The rest of the short lists were nearly identical having an Argentinian malbec, CA cabernet, zinfandel, and syrah. The half bottle list wasn’t much better.


Escargot in Bone: bone marrow, house bacon, garlic butter, gruyère, grilled bread


ALBERTA BEEF TENDERLOIN: duck fat potatoes, fried quail egg, leek hay, red wine jus


CARMEN CREEK BISON SHORT RIBS: baby potatoes, carrots, turnips, mushrooms, bacon


Ice Cream Trio: maple ice cream sandwich, strawberry and pineapple ice cream cone, pina colada float

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