Seattle – Crush

News came out recently that Chef Wilson is looking to sell the house that Crush has called home for the last 9+ years and probably move to the other side of Lake Washington. Good time to head in and try the new menu that focuses on smaller plates that highlight a single ingredient.

We went for the 12 course tasting menu so tried all but four of the savory dishes. All were excellent but the beef tartar (sadly picture is out of focus) was both our favorites and sturgeon least favorite if only because forced to choose one to rank last.


GINGER: cucumber, big big bubbles, verjus, scallions, Geoduck Clam Ceviche, sea beans


WARM EARTH: tomatoes, burrata, basil


Bacon & Eggs: Dish carried over from older menus through the years. This was best preparation yet.


TARRAGON: suet potatoes, mustard roe, chimichurri, chorizo, Portuguese Octopus a la Plancha


TRUFFLE: egg, arugula, onion, Wagyu Beef Steak Tartar, vodka, parmesan


BLACK GARLIC: english pea, Hamachi, pear, spring onion, celeriac, lemon


PICKLE: celery, apple, rhubarb, chard stems, soubise, Wild Columbia River Sturgeon


FRENCH CURRY: eggplant, yogurt, Neah Bay Black Cod, peppers, cucumber


MAIZE: popcorn, grits, Ibérico Pork Loin, foie gras, peach, basil


TELLICHERRY: watercress, tomato, mint, Cervena Venison Saddle, gorgonzola


FOURME D’AMBERT: Cow’s Milk Blue, Auvergne, France Orange, Ginger, Pear, Thyme Lavash


EARL GREY: Chocolate, Coffee Flour, Orange Marmalade Toasted Marshmallow, Caramel, Cocoa Nib


Mint Macaroon and chocolates

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