Los Angeles – Too Much Mexican Food

Every time I come to California I have to eat Mexican and In-N-Out, well this time there were too many options so had to forgo the burger. Five Thirty Eight is doing the best burrito bracket and I wanted to try at least two of the locations. I was too tired Saturday night to make it out to El Chato at midnight so that meant had to double up for lunch.

I went to the winner of one test Al & Bea’s and La Azteca Tortilleria. At Al’s had the same bean and cheese burrito tested and it was as amazing as Anna claimed. It was difficult to eat without squeezing any of the beans and cheese out and while I was lamenting it’s rather small size compared to the behemoths found elsewhere it came in handy by the time I got to La Azteca. I couldn’t manage a 2nd burrito so got a chicharron and carnitas tacos. While you wait for your food one can watch the tortillas being made, I preferred the ones here as they were more grilled and had a taste that reminded me of a great roti. The chicharron filling was excellent, extremely crispy and not oily and the fresh salsa helped cut the fat out while the carnitas was good but nothing extraordinary. The tortillas were the standout here. They were also massive and could only eat 65% of both.

DSC02956 DSC02957 DSC02959 DSC02960 DSC02961


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