St Food Fest – Pop-Up Picnic

Once again there was a pop-up picnic where chefs each made a dish, lots of lamb this year since it was sponsored by the American Lamb Association. Unfortunately this sponsorship limited the creativity compared to last year but the presence of Percy & Co making some cocktails and a few local distilleries pouring samples made up for it.

My favorites were the beef tongue wrap, I really liked the use of daikon for the “taco shell,” lamb terrine, and sausage dog.


Triumph Bar – Lamb crostini, cucumber yoghurt sauce


Good Bar – Pickled green egg and ham


Wood Shop BBQ – Brisket Slider


Wood Shop BBQ – pulled pork slider


Von Trapp’s – sausage dog in pretzel bun


RE:PUBLIC – grilled prawn, cilantro & jalapeno compressed melon, chorizo vinaigrette


Chef Roddey – ginger and coconut braised pork shoulder, black beans and tomatoes, egg, jicama slaw with apple arugula puree


Percy & Co – seared lamb terrine, smoked aioli, pickled chiles


Joule – Beef tongue wrap, padron pepper kimchi


McKraken & Tough – Lamb slider


Trophy Cupcakes – Vanilla cake with blueberry compote filling


Percy & Co – 3 cocktails. The cilantro G&T was great.

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