Portland – Bamboo Sushi and Blue Star Donuts

Bamboo Sushi in Portland is incredible. The fish is extremely fresh and they’re committed to serving only sustainable seafood. Sadly they took the black cod miso off the menu and don’t have the ingredients to make it on special request. The anago is amazing, I had 3 pieces of nigiri and half the roll that it was in.



Usuzukuri: whitefish with finely jalapeno, ponzu, green onions, tobiko, sesame seeds, and tataki yasai


Pork belly bao


The Local: albacore, strips of red jalapeño and cucumbers inside topped with east coast red crab mixed with spicy sesame aioli and black tobiko


Anago (sea eel)


poached egg salad: grilled, miso dressed seasonal vegetables with panko crusted poached egg


butterfly roll: sea eel, crab, cucumber, topped with avocado


Ring of Fire: fried oysters, cucumber and yamagobo inside with a mixture of chopped MSC albacore, jalapeño and jalapeño marmalade on the top then seared and finished with fried rings of shallots and yuzu juice


Ika 3 Ways: squid prepared three ways: grilled, braised and fried; with a ginger herb salad


Chocolate Spring Roll


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Went to Blue Star Donuts and Little T Bakery twice since they’re so amazing. Blue Star is significantly better than Voodoo Donuts, frosting is better and more interesting flavors and the dough is way lighter. Little T had a small shop in downtown where they brought in their wares from the main store in SE Portland. After the sugar in the donut needed something savory so got ham and gruyere croissants both times.


Got there are opening, still icing some donuts by dunking them


I want one of each!


Apple cider fritter and blueberry bourbon basil


lemon poppy seed

IMG_20140907_100544 IMG_20140907_100612

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