Lake Como

Spent the day going around the Southern half of Lake Como. From Milan drove to Argegno  and ride the cable car up to Pigra to hike a few hours down to Colonno and bus back but there wasn’t long enough parking and did the relatively harrowing drive up to Pigra. The roads looked one-way but were indeed two-way which led to some interesting moments coming around a blind corner to see a car heading towards you.

After the hike drove up the lake which was infuriating as there many trucks and buses that caused traffic to come to a standstill to negotiate the small streets in the towns along lake. Took the ferry over to Bellagio and stopped for a quick drink hoping to see Clooney before heading back to the hotel.

DSC01201 DSC01206 DSC01214 DSC01220 DSC01231 DSC01237 DSC01244 DSC01245 DSC01256 DSC01266 DSC01270 DSC01294 DSC01307 DSC01324 DSC01338 DSC01356DSC01386 DSC01402

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