London – Sightseeing

Our last stop on the trip is a place I’ve been to many times over my lifetime. So much has changed but also remained the same, specifically the cab drivers here are the best in the world. I don’t know if the cabbie test is as hard as it used to be, but they really know their way around and the most obscure streets. Did a quick tour of the major areas after arriving in the early afternoon.

DSC01418 DSC01423 DSC01424 DSC01431 DSC01433 DSC01441 DSC01450 DSC01456 DSC01457_edit DSC01469 DSC01473 DSC01479 DSC01483 DSC01484

The Cornish pasty place I wanted to grab a quick bite at is long gone. However, there is a Shake Shack which is a place I’ve wanted to try but every time I go to NYC there are more places I want to eat that time so I pass. It’s pretty good but not In-N-Out.

DSC01425 DSC01427


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