London – Mad Hatter Tea

The Sanderson hotel has an Alice in Wonderland theme tea. It’s a very cute setup with passable food. Two of the desserts, sponge and cheesecake, were really good and the sweet and savory scone were tasty as well.


The four teas to smell before you order. We got Apple Pie and Strawberries & Cream


(L to R): veggie quiche, ham on sun dried tomato, egg salad and watercress on lemon bread, cucumber and chive cheese on spinach bread, smoked salmon on rye bread


(L to R): “Tick Tock” Victoria sponge, mango cheesecake, green tea and white chocolate mousse in a chocolate tea cup


“Drink Me” potion


Carrot meringue “Strawberries and Cream” marshmallow mushroom


Sweet and savory scone with clotted cream, jam, and herb butter

DSC01673 DSC01675 DSC01682 DSC01684



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