Seattle – Incredible Feast

The Incredible Feast was billed as:

Hobnob with two dozen of Seattle’s best chefs – plus two dozen amazing local farmers – and enjoy a cornucopia of local and seasonal flavors.  Each chef creates a signature dish for the event, with raw ingredients supplied by local farmers and fishers.

A nursery was an interesting place to host a dinner but they cleared out one of the greenhouses and the weather was warm so turned out to be the perfect venue. Since it’s fall a lot of the dishes centered around root vegetables and gourds.

Terra Plata was my favorite savory and Hot Cakes my favorite dessert.

DSC01770 DSC01871


Calm before the storm:

DSC01744 DSC01753_edit DSC01761

Finally time to eat.

Blind Pig Bistro


DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01781 DSC01782 DSC01783

Salmon, cauliflower and potato



DSC01786  DSC01788 DSC01789 DSC01790

quail egg, cheese over butternut squash

DSC01792 DSC01801

cheese and jam crostini


cheese and kale ravioli


DSC01804 DSC01805 DSC01808

butternut squash miso soup

DSC01809 DSC01811 DSC01812 DSC01813 DSC01814 DSC01816 DSC01817 DSC01820 DSC01822

McCraken & Tough

Root vegetable soup

DSC01825 DSC01826 DSC01827 DSC01829

Beef short ribs


Palace Kitchen

Soup, think it was califlower

DSC01837 DSC01838

Pork curry

DSC01842 DSC01856 DSC01858 DSC01861 DSC01863

DSC01793 DSC01823

DSC01796 DSC01797 DSC01800DSC01799


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