Kirkland – James Beard @Trellis

Another weekend and another food event, King County is lucky as it’s the only region in the US to get two Beard dinners per year. Instead of taking over the whole restaurant like at RN74 this dinner was held in one of the function rooms in the hotel where Trellis is located. It felt like a wedding since there were 12 10-top tables but the food was significantly better and the only interruptions to table conversation where from the James Beard staff introducing each chef after their course was served to talk about their inspiration. Most of the chefs brought their own local ingredients instead of waiting until they arrived in Seattle to see what’s fresh, makes sense as I’m sure they were planning their dish for weeks or months and needed to work with what they had locally or knew would be ready.

Kelly Whitaker: Basta, Boulder CO; Cart Driver, Denver CO
Andrew Zimmerman: Sepia, Chicago IL
Tory Miller: L’Etoile and Graze, Madison WI
Dean Shinagawa: Kama’aina Grindz, Everett WA
Dana Cree: Blackbird, Chicago IL
Brian Scheehser: Trellis, Kirkland WA


Curried shrimp


Curried cous cous in cucumber (the cucumber overpowered this amuse)


Oyster with celery foam


Octopus and ahi poke


Cheese with marmalade


Another oyster with stuff I forget


I think that’s enough flatware


Chef Zimmerman: Arctic char – matsutake, pickled red onion, pine nut, yuzu, watercress. He said built dish around the matsutake mushrooms as lovely pine flavor.


Chef Shinagawa: Thai Curry Kabocha – squash bisque, pork belly, crispy rice noodle (my favorite)


Chef Miller – Butternut squash raviolo, dungeness crab, apple, sarvecchio, ponzu brown butter


Chef Sheehser: lamb osso bucco – sweet corn, peppers, heirloom dragon beans


Chef Whitaker: Beef short rib – smoked potato, radicchio agrodolce, yuzu kosho, creme fraiche (2nd favorite)


Chef Cree: Grilled WA apple, warm oat cake – quark ice cream, autumn trail mix, brown butter (Chef Cree talked about making a gluten free dessert and not using flour unless gluten is needed like in a croissant)


Chef Watson: cookie and biscotti


Introducing the chefs and the team from cooking school to assist.


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