Seattle – Lamb Jam

Fourth annual lamb jam. I had barely recovered from the brisket on Saturday but do love lamb and unlimited amounts of wine doesn’t hurt either. Thankfully had all dishes on display for voting so was better presentation than a disposable plate and easier to photograph. F stop a bit off on some of them so a bit blurry. Favorite two were Bell & Whete and Brimmer & Heeltap.


Andaluca – Sarah Lorenzen: Braised lamb stuffed pastry with lentils and caramelized yogurt


The Hunt Club – Dan Gilmore: Za’atar spiced lamb confit, freekeh & date pilaf, pickled carrot, sorrel and pomegranate salad


The Barking Frog – Dylan Herrick: Olive spiced roast leg of lamb, couscous arancini, sous vide cucumber, anchovy, cauliflower, charred tomato, pan sauce and feta foam


Red Cow – Thom Koschwanez: Lamb terrine sandwich with smoked eggplant puree and pickled sweet peppers


Volterra – Don Curtiss – Orrechiette with lamb ragu, topped with pecorino pepato


Kedai Makan – Kevin Burzell: Kibbeh minced lamb, bulgar, spices, mint, parsley, olive oil, Kedai make yoghurt, sumac, scallions and flat bread


The Georgian – Gavin Stephenson: Smoky lamb tacos + all the trimmings


Brass Tacks – Chris Opsata: Pasteles en hoja, pickled onion, crema


Fuel – Sebastian Carosi: Smoked local lamb shoulder carnitas with homemade hot sauce and pickled red onion


Poquitos – Manny Arce: Braised lamb shank tacos, Lebanese spices, cucumber pico de gallo and salsa macha


Brimmer & Heeltap – Michael Wisenhunt: Grilled kalbi lamb belly with a porcini kimchee and egg yolk


Lloyd Martin – Sam Crannell: Szechuan lamb meatball, peanut emulsion, Korean puffed rice


Purple Cafe – Brett Teegardin: Vietnamese-style sticky lamb belly with pickled vegetable and scallion pancake


SkyCity – Jeff Maxfield: Char siu Anderson lamb, five-spiced waffle, hot mustard and orange infused honey


Bell & Whete – Stew Navarre: Rotisserie lamb shoulder shawarma, black olive bannock, feta and harissa

One thought on “Seattle – Lamb Jam

  1. wattwurmnashi November 3, 2014 at 8:55 pm Reply

    Most of the dishes look very pretty! It’s always nice when you can try such a wide variety in 1 setting.

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