Vancouver – Tojo’s

Can’t believe took me so long to get to Tojo’s, I come to Vancouver a few times per year and have wanted to try but never made it a priority (especially considering Cantonese food here which is the best in North America). When sitting at the bar Chef Tojo just asks if there are any dietary restrictions then starts bringing out food. All courses were incredible and I learned they source 70% of their fish locally. A couple from California was sitting next to me and we talked food and since this was their first time to Vancouver I gave them some other places to eat around town and in Whistler. The wife was vegetarian and allergic to mushroom and seaweed. Forced the chefs to get creative and everything they served her looked just as good as the normal menu.

Chef Tojo also invented the California roll.


Various sashimi marinated in miso wasabi sauce


Shiitake mushroom filled with a fish mousse


Lobster salad – was a ridiculous amount of meat


Pretty presentation for…


Steamed sablefish (black cod) wrapped around asparagus and mushrooms


Tuna steak – incredible sear like an actual steak and medium rare in the middle (my favorite)


Amazingly fresh oysters


Crab, salmon and spot prawn with egg wrapper sushi


Sushi course: mushroom, anago, otoro, uni, salmon roe, forget but think another grade of toro, mackarel

DSC02632 DSC02647 DSC02660


One thought on “Vancouver – Tojo’s

  1. Arielle Tan November 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm Reply

    Wow everything looks so delicious!

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