Seattle – Chinese Laundry @Bloom

Pop-up restaurant by ex-Momofuku Ko chef who’s now working at a startup and wanted to get back into the kitchen. Billed as “a playful expression of culinary exchange and cross-cultural connections between China and Mexico. Prepare yourself for an evening of flavor bombs, social dining, and Chino-Latino dishes never seen before.” With the name being a riff on French Laundry and having worked for David Chang, this combination of my two favorite places (granted haven’t gone to Ko but Ssam and Shoto are Momofukus as well) made this a meal I jumped on before it sold out.

Almost everything was amazing, especially considering Chris no longer works in a kitchen daily. The shaved ice was a nice light dessert but didn’t have as many different toppings as I’m used to, granted this was the first time I’ve had it in over five years. Favorites were the slaw and beans. The griddlecakes were nice and chewy to contrast the softness of the pork.


Blood sausage lumpia


Five spice chicharrones


Papas Criollas: yukon gold, sweet potato, togarashi, thai basil, lime crema


Saladito Slaw: salted plum dressing, jicama, daikon, carrot, rice vermicelli, crispy shallots, pepitas


Wok-charred Ejotes: long bean, pepita gomasio, chiles de arbol, chicken gizzard, candied pumpkin seed


Puerco Peking: whole pork butt, fermented bean paste, brown sugar cure, banana leaf


Ginger-scallion chimichurri, Yucatan style pickled onions, Mole negro XO sauce


Green Onion Griddle Cakes: masa, wheat flour, green onions


Horchata Shaved Ice: toasted rice, condensed milk, red bean, green bean, stewed peanut

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