Seattle – Canlis

I had gone to Canlis twice many years ago and wasn’t that impressed. Everyone said it was the best Seattle restaurant and I think it retained that honor since it was the fine dining place back in the day and has one of the best views. However after talking to people I trust gave it another try before the new chef is hired and likely changes the menu. The food is indeed significantly better and would now rate it as one of the top Seattle restaurants but I still find the service to be a bit too over the top (I’m not one for formality and dislike that a jacket is still required although saw plenty of men without one).


Gruyere puff, goat cheese encrusted grape, potato chip with pickled veggie (think ramps)


STEAK TARTARE: Peter Canlis’ recipe, made with raw, Wagyu tenderloin


FOIE GRAS: Apple, cinnamon, and warm brioche (I really would like a loaf of this right now)


MUSCOVY DUCK (for two): 14-day dry-aged duck breast, roasted whole and accompanied by orange marmalade, fennel purée and pearl onion brûlée (I’m 95% sure this is a show duck)


Duck breast with duck croquette. I say show duck as a) no way they carved it in time took to take back to kitchen and plated food back to table b) duck in croquette tasted like confit c) Looked like same duck was presented to a table a while after us d) I don’t know of a way to roast a whole duck and still have the breast be that medium rare with such a crispy skin.


MILLE-FEUILLE: Milk chocolate, bananas, caramel, and peanut butter


CANLIS SOUFFLÉ: Grand Marnier, orange zest, and crème anglaise

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