Vancover – Wildebeest

After first day skiing nothing like loads of various meats to recharge. Wildebeest has a wide range and didn’t even attempt to eat the larger cuts like ribeye and whole duck. Everything was amazing and hard to pick a favorite, the veal tongue and horse tartare were up there though.


Bison carpaccio, black olive & soy vinaigrette, crispy burdock, arugula


Grilled veal tongue, anchovy emulsion, buckwheat, nori


Burrata, brioche croutons, truffle, basil


Hand-cut horse tartare, confit egg yolk, potato crisps


Smoked foie gras torchon, quince compote, brioche


Roasted bone marrow, king trumpet & crimini mushrooms, sautéed leeks, country bread


Seared venison, roasted sunchoke, parsnip-coffee purée, turnip tops, cocoa nib


Wildebeest ‘cheesecake, strawberry sorbet, crumble

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