Eastern BC – Ski Lodge

Skiing is my other passion besides food and always great to combine the two at remote lodges. Snow was great over four days and had some tasty meals.


DSC01629_edit DSC01638_edit


Lunch on arrival day. Ribs, brats, smoked salmon, caprese, etc.

lunch dessert

Dessert spread after lunch, the berry crumble in the back was fantastic since it wasn’t too sweet and more tart.


Buttermilk panna cotta and berry compote


Black truffle (oil I’d say by lack of black flakes) risotto, confit tomatoes and arugula


Alberta beef with mushrooms, morels, potatoes and broccoli


Beef and mushroom in yorkshire pudding (when it’s hard to get fresh food in, you use all of it)


Scallop and grapefruit trio, Madagascar vanilla bean (the fresh grapefruit didn’t match well with the scallops, their sourness was too much)


Porkchops, brown butter, white wine & tarragon sauce, kale, beets and yam puree


Blackberry chocolate torte (I had two)


Breakfast was slightly different everyday, here was blackberry stuffed french toast (I had three pieces). Notice the huge jug of maple syrup too.


Sushi with unconventional Japanese garnish


Sabelfish, fried rice & stir fried veggies


Passion fruit custard, tropical fruit & orange tuile

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