New York – Cronut and Pizza

Woke up to some snow on the ground and New York isn’t the best place for this. There are no children making snow angles or having snowball fights, it’s snow turning very black from all the grit and trash and then pools of water on street corners as the sewer vents are clogged. At least it keeps people indoors so there was barely a line at Dominique Ansel bakery to finally try the original Cronut. After going on a mission to find a wine store than had shipping material to send my new bottle home it was time for more food so headed to John’s of Bleeker.

DA’s cronut is the real deal, I’ve tried a few knock-offs back home and they didn’t even come close. There was a bit too much filling but the dough was amazing, crunchy outside with a soft interior. The frosting was great too.


DSC03061 DSC03062


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