Austin – Qui

Wow, is all I can say. After a week of eating some amazing food Qui really changed my opinion of dining in Texas and that fusion is one-dimensional. After eating Googled Chef Qui and found out he won the James Beard award in 2012 for his region and Top Chef season 9 where judge Colicchio said, “Paul Qui I think is the most talented chef that we’ve ever had on the show. In fact, we had to dumb down how good he was, because it would’ve been pretty obvious that he was running away with everything.”

I knew nothing of this heading in and was very impressed by the progression of dishes and the movement through different Asian countries. The first started in Spain/France though then moved to Japan, Thailand, back to Japan, Philippines, America/Mediterranean, back to Philippines, and finally Italy. Everything was truly unique and amazing, hard to pick a favorite but the hamachi is probably top. The fish was cooked directly on the binchotan for a very short two seconds but it was enough to pick up the charcoal flavor and get a slight char. I could’ve eaten a lot more of this.

I’m glad I talked to chef and got him to sign the menu which will now join the collection I have on display back home.


marcona almond gazpacho, pedro ximenez gelee, foie gras


blue fin tuna crudo, kani miso, mitsuba, okra


cabbage, fish sauce, toasted rice, shallot, nam cured duck breast


yellowtail seared (for <2 seconds) on binchotan, midorizu, flowers


To eat drag through the sauce and pick up a few flowers


pork blood, maitake, cauliflower, red onion, pickled garlic


fried chicken, smoked oyster aioli, uni bottarga, sal de gusano


“secret dish” of congee and crispy pork (this wasn’t on the menu but offered as Chef likes to serve a comfort food dish as the last savory…)


..but it wasn’t really the last savory as this is nori cracker with cheddar foam (a take on Chef’s first taste of American junk food of Cheez Whiz on a cracker)


coconut fig caramel, goat milk ice cream, coffee cashew semifreddo


Cute graphics on the chopsticks



One thought on “Austin – Qui

  1. wattwurmnashi February 12, 2015 at 3:04 am Reply

    The dishes certainly sound quite creative

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