Austin – More BBQ and Sightseeing

Nothing fancy on my last day and a half in Austin. Did make it to Circuit of the Americas to take the track tour, BMW had rented out the place for a few months but were taking a day off which enabled us to get onto the pit lane. Stalls are still labeled for the F1 race last year so some of the names were in the wrong place and some teams don’t exist anymore.


Rudy’s before heading out to find some more live music and clubbing. Ribs were excellent and brisket better than I remember. Hidden is some of their sausage which is also great. Good fuel for a night of fun.


Oasis is a huge complex of restaurants and a few shops that is clearly hurting from economy and the lake losing a lot of water.


Water used to be up to treeline and all the land in lake was submerged.


One of the many parks in the Austin area


Hopdaddy Burgers, so popular have bouncers to control the flow and assign tables.


Cheeseburger with poblanos and bacon. It was very good but not worth the hour wait to get a seat and food. Part of the trend of upscale burger joints that seem to be all over the country now, 8oz Burger is very similar in Seattle.

DSC03189 DSC03193 DSC03208 DSC03217 DSC03223 DSC03229

Crazy how one team had an outline for the gun to take the wheel nut on/off.


Lots of burnout by the McLaren boys.

DSC03238 DSC03248 DSC03250

After the tour, raced down (loved the 85mph limit) to Lockhart to try Smitty’s Market and complete the triumvirate of Lockhart BBQ. There was a classic car show on so everywhere was crowded and didn’t have time before my flight home. Was able to quickly look at a few cars.

DSC03262 DSC03263 DSC03265

Thankfully there is a Salt Lick in the airport and I had planned to pickup some of their spicy bbq sauce and so just added a combo of brisket and pulled pork. Brisket here was 4th favorite behind (La Barbecue, Black’s, and Rudy’s). The pulled pork was good and even better smothered in sauce.



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