Seattle – Chinese Laundry @Bellini

The third dinner was so popular had two seatings. This time it wasn’t Mexican-Chinese fusion but:

Welcome to part three of The Chinese Laundry. This menu is a playful expression of a combination of heritage flavors, reimagined takeout food, and good old Pacific Northwest ingredients.

Prepare yourself for an evening of flavor bombs, social dining, and Chinese-American dishes never seen before.

Another great meal from Chef Yang. I was able to talk to him for a minute and let him know I ate at Ko recently, he left in 2010 so hasn’t seen the new space they’re in and hopes to get back to NYC soon.


SCORCHED RICE: szechuan peppercorn cured gravlax, pickled mustard seed, furikake (the rice cake was a bit too thick for my liking, took a fair amount of chewing to get through it and taste the salmon)


GENERAL TSO`S SWEETBREADS: braised broccoli neck, caramelized florets, charred leek (I’m normally opposed to General Tso’s but this was amazing and wanted the whole plate instead of having to share it)


STIR FRIED CAVATELLI: soy-beurre noir, gai choy, smoked salmon floss (coworker in earlier seating said this was his least favorite, the only thing I found lacking was the amount of lap cheong, wanted double)


LION`S HEAD MEATBALL: Dad’s secret sauce, salt cured egg yolk, water chestnut (I want to get to know Dad, the sauce was great and we unsuccessfully tried to figure out the ingredients)


BROWN BUTTER ~ MATCHA TART: green apple, five spice ice cream, burnt sugar (the five spice was quite strong tasting and it worked in this dish, never had it in a sweet application before)


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