Portland – Pok Pok and Desserts

Quick trip to Portland for the night just to eat, some friends were able to get down on Friday to get a few more meals in. Thankfully they left room for amazing Thai food for lunch. It was properly spicy but the spice didn’t overpower the other flavors in the dishes. Felt like I was back in Thailand siting on a beach. Ice cream across the street was a nice cooling and somehow made room for some mini-donuts.


Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings: marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, tossed in caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce and garlic


Deep fried tilapia


Flank steak salad


Bean salad


Boar collar rubbed with garlic, coriander root and black pepper, glazed with soy sugar, grilled over charcoal


Salt & Straw Icecream: gooey chocolate brownie and Lumberjack Stack (We use an amazing maple syrup from a small farm in Vermont to give this ice cream a super maple-y flavor. But this ice cream wouldn’t dare stop at just a great maple flavor, in the S&S kitchen our pancaking skills are matched by few. Sweet, fluffy, blueberry-y stack-loads of pancake yumminess is the key to making this flavor truly Lumberjack worthy.)


Pip’s Original: Mini donuts of nutella and sea salt, meyer lemon, and bacon jam


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