Portland – Ox

After spending the afternoon recovering from the onslaught of food for lunch by walking around the Pearl District headed over to Ox which would turn out be a very late dinner. Fitting I guess as it’s an Argentinian inspired restaurant and sitting down for dinner at 9pm is normal there, even early. To kill the two hours we had before we were seated, hopped back into the car towards Pok Pok and grabbed a drink a few doors down at their Whiskey Soda Lounge. Got a few snacks, I ate one of the dried peppers that the peanuts are tossed in then spent the next 15 minutes breathing fire, thought it was over until my stomach felt like it was going to burn a hole through my body and fall out. Thankfully pain subsided by the time we went back to Ox.



Huu Muu Thawt: crispy deep fried 5 spice pig ear

Our friends got the Uruguayan ribeye and skirt steak, both were excellent. Made me wish I had gotten a steak but I love blood sausage and it’s hard to find.


Cauliflower soup with celery


Empenadas: we got the beef and friends got the sweet potato with cheese



Fried oxtail terrine: Orange & Picholine Olive Relish, Avocado, Potato Causa, Cilantro Leaf, Aïoli


Roasted Broccolini, Charred Poblano Romesco, Toasted Pecan, Pickled Red Onions


Spicy Braised Beef Tripe and Octopus, Mint Aïoli, Crispy Sunchoke


Blood Sausage

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