EAT! Vancouver – Tojo and Susur

For the first time in its 13 year history EAT! Vancouver had a dinner series bringing together chefs from around the country. Tojo and Susur Lee from Toronto collaborated on one of the dinner that showcased their different cooking styles through a series of six dishes, Tojo’s were simple with only a few  ingredients while Susur’s were extremely complex. We were lucky and sat at the sushi bar so we could see the dishes being plated. Having worked in a kitchen before, I always hated having a banquet style meal as it meant you were slammed trying to get dishes out at the same time and keep the food hot. I was impressed by two teams working together to get everything out quickly. The venison course in particular was difficult and had to be plated in two waves as they had to wash the dishes from the previous course. While the meal lasted for over three and a half hours, I appreciated the time between courses to recover and chat with the chefs when they had a second to breathe.


Original Sushi: tojo roll, golden roll, g canadian roll, pacific roll, tataki nigiri


Tempura: zucchini blossom, asparagus, morel


Char siu squab with Beijing duck garnish (squab was deep fried and roasted, blueberry compote instead of hoisin sauce, sesame seed paste, pickled ginger, and there was a bit of foie gras as well. My favorite dish since could put it together in many different ways and had non-traditional garnish)


Smoked sablefish with a cabbage salad and pickled onions



The packet was cut open to reveal the morel sauce. It had hints of Chinese medicinal soup.


Cardamom & coffee marinated venison loin with marsala reduction, Jerusalem artichoke and parsnip puree


Rack of lamb thailandaise with three chutneys


Valrhona chocolate and azuki yokan

DSC03446 DSC03455 DSC03468



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