Lummi Island – Willows Inn Tease

Just having a few drinks and a snack before what we expect to be an incredible dinner.

Chef Wetzel just won a 2nd Beard award in a row; this year for best chef NW and last year rising star (<30).

If the cocktails and bread/cheese/salami are any indication we’re in for something special.

Having just started watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, in particular the Blue Hill episode, the story of Willows Inn really resonates. Everything is local and made sure to do it sustainably. I really appreciate this when it comes to food and restaurants as ingredients mostly don’t taste as good when they travel thousands of miles. Read the story and look forward to the food.

DSC03582 DSC03583_edit DSC03589 DSC03590 DSC03591 DSC03593 DSC03594 DSC03595 DSC03596 DSC03597 DSC03598 DSC03599 DSC03600 DSC03601

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