Lummi Island – Willows Inn

Dinner at Willows Inn was incredible. It started with some snacks on the deck before moving into the restaurant for the main part of the meal. Everyone from the kitchen brought out dishes which gave us a great opportunity to discuss the food and ask questions about cooking techniques. Particularly baffling was the black cod doughnut, the fish was amazingly succulent and moist while the doughnut was light and airy. The cook we asked said it took them close to three weeks to perfect it for service, sad to think how much was potentially wasted in the pursuit of perfection unless the staff got to eat them.

We got to talk to Chef Wetzel a fair bit throughout the meal and talked about places we’ve eaten and compared notes. He ate at Alinea recently and loved it, while I said I was disappointed since two of the dishes were nothing special. We both agreed that it and many other fine dining establishments are too stuffy and he strives for a more fun atmosphere. There was rock/electronic music playing, you could walk through the kitchen to get to the restroom, there was butcher paper instead of tablecloths, and most importantly the dress code was very casual. I told him that he needs to make it to Japan to try a real Kaiseki meal since he strives to provide a similar experience serving the freshest ingredients the island has to offer and the dishes were works of art.

The best part of staying at the inn was being able to stumble back to the room in less than a minute and fall into bed.


Grilled shiitake mushrooms


Black cod doughnuts


Crispy crepe with golden char roe (the roe tasted like no other I’ve had before, it was significantly better)


Crispy kale and black truffles with rye seed


Crispy halibut skins stuffed with halibut and clam mousse


Spruce shoots and a broth of grilled asparagus


Salmon belly brushed with olive oil


Caramelized razor clams


Salmonberries with beach roses


Lightly cured rock fish with seaweed harvested in the morning


Smoked mussels with sunflower root


Live spot prawns cooked in hot salt


Smoked sockeye salmon (this was paired with a vermouth infused with two types of mushrooms that tasted more like syrup than vermouth). Best smoked salmon ever.


Bread from heirloom wheat with roasted rooster pan-drippings. The bread had a perfect crusty exterior and moist and chewy interior. They gave us a small loaf as we were leaving.


Grilled mizuna seasoned with cured albacore (flaked similar to bonito flakes)


Steamed kelp bass with slices of geoduck clams


Aged leg of venison with wild lettuces and rye seed bread


Venison with flowers and juniper berries


Birch tea to aid digestion


Sweet parsnips and buckwheat


Flax seed caramel



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