Seattle – Lahi pop-up

Two nights and two pop-up dinners with very different goals. Tonight was contemporary Filipino that recognized the chef’s heritage while making it new and pushing the boundaries. I’ve not eaten much Filipino food before and this was a very cool dinner. Talked with a mother and daughters team who have a traditional Filipino food restaurant that I will be checking out in the near future.


Atay ng Pato at langit de coco: Foie gras + sky flake cracker + burnt coconut jam + sea salt


Sukang Melokoton at Dillis: peach salad + fresh basil + anchovy crisp + mizuna + fresno peppers + sherry vinegar


Lumpia Sariwa at Pato: fresh lumpia + grilled asparagus + peas + duck breast + rainier cherry sawsaw


Grilled pig tails + Adobo sauce


Bagoong Baka at atchara saka kare kare: sous vide Painted Hills short rib + pickled cauliflower + garlic spears + almond kare-kare + fermented shrimp demi


Taho at inihaw mais: soft tofu + creamed grilled corn + sesame brittle


Shaved ice Mai Tai: drinking this before the ice had melted really echoed Robin Williams’ definition of a Mai Tai, “Polynesian word for dumb f*ck.” It was that strong.



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