Seattle – NW Heritage Dinner

Join Chef Willis in welcoming the return of LA pop up Barolo Joe for a food journey through the heritages of the Pacific Northwest.  Chef Willis along with Abe Lukaczer and Joe Baker are Northwest natives (and Eric Grant the third member of the team who hails from Maine) that share a passion for the diversity of the NW food culture.  Join them for a menu that will focus on this diversity by showcasing the techniques and practices of these cultures.

Barolo Joe is a Los Angeles based dining club, popping up once a month at unique locations throughout LA.  They focus on creating memorable dining experiences with inspiration drawn from seasonal ingredients that showcase the talents of their community from local farmers, butchers, winemakers and florists.  They strive to deliver the best in local products, presented elegantly for a diverse audience.  This will be Barolo Joe’s second annual dinner in conjunction with the Delicatus.

The salad was very good and the quality of meat used in the Korean bbq was very high. Just felt wrong eating it with a knife and fork instead of chopsticks.


Mushrooms and the Garden


Sweet and Sour Summer


Stuffed and Noodles




Making the tiramisu “tableside” but for the entire group instead of each table since it was already getting quite late.


Finished, was really different since the ladyfingers hadn’t soaked up all the liquids so they were light and crunchy yet still had all the flavor one would expect

DSC03696    menu


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