Seattle – Skillet Diner: Butcher Cut Series

Skillet is partnering with Niman Ranch for the Butcher Cut Series, a delectable weekly offering designed to bring awareness to the whole animal, sourced responsibly and raised with care.

The bottom line, when the animals are raised with care they yield undeniable flavor. Skillet has a commitment to responsible whole animal use. We are showcasing these cuts to give you a taste of the hard to find cuts of meat. We are in danger of losing breeds of livestock, even now a breed that was here 10 years ago is being called heritage, and they have traded them in for the smaller and larger breads built for being raised in mass quantities. As time goes on, the farmers are pushed away from sustainably raised markets to the commodity market. The commodity market isn’t concerned with two little cheeks. By showcasing them at Skillet, we help support the sustainable farmers.

Skillet is doing this every Friday in June and is an incredibly good deal at $30 for three courses.
The egg yolk in the first course was really interesting, it was almost as viscous as molasses and went really well with the beef.Salad I wish had more guanciale and less fontina.
Pork short rib was incredible, very tender and the glaze was superb. The grits were very cheesy and cooked perfectly, I’m pretty picky about my grits since I spent most of my childhood in the South.
Chocolate pudding was a good, but unnecessary based on lack of appetite, finish to the meal.

Looking forward to going to the last dinner on the 26th.


Beef petit tender – Teres major tar-tar, warmed egg yolk, cornichoin, chicharone


Guanciale – Guanciale & crispy jowl bacon, frisee, slow cooked egg, diced fontina, marinated heirloom tomatoes


Pork short ribs – Huckleberry soy glaze, white cheddar cheese grits, toasted chia seeds, charred leeks, turmeric fried cauliflower


Bittersweet chocolate pudding – pie in a bowl, sea salt, cocoa nib


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