Seattle – Le Petit Cochon Offal Dinner

Offal Dinner at Le Petit Cochon with Jones Farm on Tuesday, June 23, chef Derek Ronspies is teaming up with Lopez Island’s Jones Family Farms to put on a five-course dinner celebrating the oft-neglected cuts of pork, beef, and lamb.

Unfortunately some the offal wasn’t available so instead of lamb testicles and pig brain, pork tartare and sweetbreads were subbed in. I was pretty bummed about this since the last time I had brain it was presented on a plate like a slice of bread with a few capers, not very appetizing, and I don’t think I’ve ever had lamb testicles.


Trotter tots, curry ketchup – I normally despise ketchup but homemade with curry in it was a perfect combo for this tot


Pork tartare, chicharrones, nuoc cham, carrot ginger puree, pickled peanuts, crispy shallots and mint – good but the pork had a bit too much acid and not enough other seasoning


English pea tortellini, crispy sweetbreads and clams, lemon confit, butter lettuce, truffle aioli – This dish was really good, would have been really interesting to have it with smoked pig brain


Black Cod with Dilled Beef Heart Ragout, beet salad, horseradish yogurt, bone marrow crouton, and celery vinaigrette – the sablefish was cooked perfectly and the beef was tender but not very much dill flavor. Wish had more than two of the croutons


Pork Tongue and Cheek Pozolè with masa cake, slaw, chimichurri, cilantro crema, and orange – easily the best dish of the night, all the flavors were great together, the two meats were perfectly cooked and provided a good contrast in preparation techniques


Beef Tendon, Fennel, Lemon Gin Sorbet, Pink Peppercorn, Tarragon Syrup, and Fresh Berries – Not a huge fan of licorice flavors but the berries and the sweet wafer paired well. The tendon was chewy (chef did say he was aiming to have that chewiness be a factor int he dessert) without much flavor, I think a slow braise to make it tender and translucent like in pho would have been a better preparation.


Grey & Misty – Diplomatico Anejo Rum, Fresh Ginger Juice, Lemon


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