Seattle – Skillet Diner: Butcher Series Dinner

Hit up the final dinner of this series. It was better than the 2nd week that I went to since it had lamb belly and K was able to join me this time so I was able to get 1.33 meals. Amazed that they can offer up this three-course meal for $30 and hope to see more in the future.


Pork cheeks – Basil pistou, baked pistachio, pickled golden beets, frisee, fresh herbs. I normally can’t eat beats but these were quite good, the pickling mellowed their flavor. The cheeks were super tender.


Lamb belly – Smoked & braised, goat cheese & rice flour gnocchi, grilled corn, shaved parm, fresh herbs, sunny egg. Belly is always amazing and when it’s lamb it’s that much better. The gnocchi were lighter than normal since no potato and rice instead of wheat flour.


Zabuton Beef – Cauliflower puree, grilled endive, smashed fingerlings, roasted foraged mushroom, beef demi, anchovy butter. The anchovy butter was a miss but thankfully still solid enough to remove and enjoy the flavor of the beef, the cauliflower puree was garlicy which was awesome.

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