Seattle – RN74 Guest Chef Series

Join us in a celebration of Pleasant View Farm Duck from Puyallup, Washington. Chef David Varley will welcome Chefs Ethan Stowell (Stowell Restaurants), Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez (Ox Restaurant)  for an unforgettable six-course meal with wine pairings from WT Vitners, selected by our own Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen.

When they said a meal celebrating duck, they really meant it. Was surprised by the size of the heart initially since a duck isn’t that much bigger than a chicken until you remember one migrates thousands of miles and the other can get a foot off the ground with a lot of effort. Having three different chefs kept the meal from being boring and for the most part the wine was excellent and paired quite well with the course.


Grilled duck heart with fermented garlic chimichurri


Duck pate & mousse parfait


Oyster & foie gras crepinette


Duck tongue taquito


Foie gras terrine: haricot vert and button mushroom salad, crispy shallot, thyme duck juice (my favorite course and the best foie gras terrine I’ve had since the Laundry back in 2003.


Smoked duck breast: watercress, navel orange, radish. Thankfully was able to get this without the beets listed on the menu. The duck was very smoky, got a hint of beef jerky while chewing it.


Duck leg confit: bacon fat pistou, cherry, summer squash, black olive mustard.


Seared duck breast: roasted figs, morels, 25 year balsamic


Grilled duck morcilla: date molasses, lentils, hazelnuts.


Duck skin truffle with hazelnut praline, duck blood and cherry macarons, duck fat madeleines



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