Willamette Valley – Wine Tour

For once instead of driving to various wineries went with a wine tour company to get places and not have to worry about drinking too much.

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Lunch stop at the Horseradish in Carlton. Italian – Sopressata, Genoa, Hot Capicollo, Hot Coppa, Provolone & Mama Lil’s Spicy Peppers. I’m usually not a huge fan of sandwiches but this was excellent, being warm certainly helped but all the meats were high quality and the bread was soft yet a nice crust.


Soter Vineyards. More like Europe than the typical US tasting room. Instead of quickly tasting their offerings then deciding on buying something, Soter takes groups at a time with an individual guide to various tables where you sit and talk about their philosophy as well as taste. They’re striving to be biodynamic and since the vines can’t be pulled up to revitalize the soil they go about it different ways. They trade organic hay with farmers for their organic fertilizer and instead of using pesticides to keep away the birds that ravage the grapes during harvest time they hire a falconer to keep them away.

Also great views being on top of a hill.

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