Portland – Russell St BBQ & Sightseeing

Sadly all Bamboo Sushi locations are closed for the 4th so decided to have a healthy lunch then drive back to Seattle early. Had driven past Russell Street BBQ on the way to Ox and menu looked good, a chance to pit Portland brisket vs. Seattle brisket. Well Portland won pretty handily, I liked their brisket better than Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX even; please don’t shoot me. I bought a pint of their spicy sauce thinking it would come in a bottle, but came in a soup cup with a lid. Thankfully didn’t spill on the drive home and have plenty of empty glass jars.


Marbled (their word for fatty) brisket with baked beans and cornbread. The beans were quite good as well although a bit too sweet for my taste.

Before lunch had gone up to Pittock Mansion to enjoy the view and see the exterior of the house, I didn’t feel like paying the fee to go inside. Since it was mid-day the lighting was horrible and not even having a CPL on helped with the city shot.



DSC04248 DSC04263 DSC04269 DSC04270 DSC04273 DSC04274


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