Seattle – Seafair Weekend

Didn’t go to Lake Washington to watch everything going on, but did go down to Boeing Field to see the Blue Angels parked and caught them going back on Saturday while waiting to get on the Water Taxi to West Seattle for some Marination and sun. Went back to Kraken Congee to eat try their food before heading to the Sounders game. The buns and the congee were great, I really liked the Filipino style additions. The hand cut noodles weren’t as chewy and I would like and the peanut was a bit too prominent and masked the other flavors.


Marination Ma Kai: (top left – clockwise) spam sliders, kalbi tacos, katsu burger, kalua pork kimchi quesadilla. I love all dishes but the katsu burger is the star, too bad only served at the W. Seattle location.


Shishito peppers


Bang bang shrimp, cucumber, peppers, green onion


Five spice duck confit, pickled blueberry sauce, cucumber


Kare kare beef with hand shaved noodles, eggplant, long beans, toasted peanut and pork threads


Five spice duck confit, pork cracklings, bok choy, soy cured egg yolk


world’s coolest taxi?

DSC04787 DSC04792 DSC04799 DSC04819DSC04947 DSC04961 DSC04963

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