Seattle – Naka Chef Collaboration Dinner

Owner/Chef Shota Nakajima will share the Naka kitchen for a pop-up dinner with his friend and colleague, Chef Yuji Tsuji, who is visiting from France. Chef Shota and Chef Yuji will produce a 13-course dinner that will highlight both Japanese and French dishes.

Shota and Chef Yuji met in Japan as classmates at the prestigious Tsuji Culinary Arts School in Osaka in 2006.  From 2007-2010, Chef Tsuji worked in Kobe, Japan, at the two Michelin Star restaurant, La Maison De Graciani.  In 2010, Chef Tsuji moved to France to work at the one Michelin Star restaurant, Entre Vigne Et Garrigue, where he is currently employed.  In December of this year, Chef Tsuji will go to work at the one Michelin Star restaurant, La Cachette in Valence, in southeast France, as Executive Sous Chef.  

Naka has only been open about two months and it’s getting good reviews. Kaiseki is a very new to Seattle so to ease people into the experience they offer an a la carte menu and various levels of tasting menu. Went a few weeks ago with friends and got a mix of a la carte and the five course menu.


Marinated Wagyu tartare with yuzu aioli


Chawan-mushi with black cod and wild mushrooms


Cedar smoke black cod. All five of us got this and thought it was incredible, I’d say it was better than Nobu’s miso black cod.

So after a great intro meal was very excited for the collaboration dinner. My favorite were the lobster and foie gras course, the later paired with orange which isn’t something I’ve seen that much.


Sangria: champagne and red wine.


Tomato: candied, soup with avocado, sorbet. The candied tomato was insanely good, loved the crunchy candied shell followed by the meat of the tomato


Soy marinated Spanish tuna over couscous with red uni sauce. Interesting combination of raw tuna and couscous that worked perfectly.


Lobster in puff pastry with lobster sauce. Easily my favorite dish, wish it had been bigger since it was four small bites.


Foie gras torchon with spiced orange sauce. The foie gras wasn’t homogeneously smooth throughout which I liked since there was no bread to spread it on the foie provided its own texture profile.


Corn and papaya soup.


Japanese madai snapper with olives, capers, and broth made from roasted bones.


Ginger whiskey sorbet.


Duck breast with summer vegetables. Cooked perfectly and simply prepared.


Cheese course.


Pear with mojito gelee


Mango and passion fruit mousse with chocolate ice cream


Strawberry and blueberry macaron and chocolate truffle. I normally find macarons to be too sweet but this was perfect, the fruit wasn’t altered much and their natural sweetness was perfect.


Chef Shota (L) and Chef Tsuji


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