Seattle – SxNW Popup

As parts of the nation go, the South and the Pacific Northwest couldn’t be much farther apart, in terms of cultural, musical, and even culinary manifestations. This is the first in a popup series that combines the aesthetics and ingredients related to the chef’s current residence in the Northwest with the flavors and seasoning of his South Texas roots.

Another great meal by Chef Matt, he’s been in Seattle for just over a year cooking at Palace Kitchen and does these pop ups to cook food influenced by his Texas roots.


Fresh made chips and tomatillo salsa. Was really hard not to get full on these before dinner was served.


Spicy watermelon gazpacho and oyster leaf. Very refeshing.


Grilled Corn Antojitos – “Little Cravings”: Charred corn cream, blistered shishito peppers, housemade chorizo, umami cured quail eggs, cotija. Really liked this dish and tried various combinations of items and all were good.


Low & Slow: 14-hour beef short ribs, vanilla gold potatoes , summer vegetables. The beef was marinated perfectly and very tender, could’ve eaten a lot more. The Walla Walla onions were nice and sharp to provide a nice contrast.


Black Jack Dessert Cocktail: Apple brandy / blackberry shrub. Nice cocktail to end the meal.

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