Olympic Peninsula Hiking

Started off the day with a hearty breakfast.


Sausage breakfast sandwich with potato rounds. The rounds were deep fried and glorious.


Pigs in a blanket, pulled pork instead of a hot dog. Actually breakfast on Monday (it was so good we went back), potatoes weren’t nearly as good and Sunday since they were cold.

Started with a short 4 mile hike with the Olympic National Park. Saw a few deer on the way up even though it was very cloudy. Rained a bit on the way down.

DSC05534 DSC05544

And to really show how the weather in WA can very greatly, went out to Shi Shi beach and Point of the Arches on the coast where it was super sunny and got to enjoy them fully. Slogged through a muddy trail to hit the beach and walk along a few miles to get to the arches. Very pretty and maybe next time will camp there to get sunset photos.

DSC05560 DSC05577 DSC05583

DSC05618DSC05626 DSC05636

After hiking 14+ miles hit up the well reviewed Next Door Gastropub a short walk from the hotel. All the appetizers looked more appealing than just a burger go so some: salt+pepper wings, two types of sliders, baja fish tacos, and onion rings.


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