Seattle – Pisa y Pisco Pop-Up

The word ‘fusion’ is thrown around a lot, but this menu proves that the concept of combined cuisines can be both interesting and delicious. Join a family-style dinner combining the tastes and traditions of Northern Italy with the customs and culture of the coastal region in Peru. The chef has extensive experience traveling and living in both regions, and brings together potentially disparate flavors in perfect harmony.

Chef Southern lived in Italy and Peru for many years and decided to mash up their two cuisines for a night. He really succeeded, each course was fantastic and the mixing of these two very different regions didn’t feel forced at all. This was my favorite pop-up I’ve been to since the food was amazing and had great conversations with the people I met with. A party of three know Peru very well and promised to send me a list of places to eat in Cusco, very appreciated since the risk of getting food poisoning is extremely high. Another couple travels even more than me for pop-ups and we discussed which have been our favorites and the must-do for 2016.


Started off with a pisco sour which was significantly better than ones I’ve had in Chile.


Pork ragu and Tuscan bean empenadas, these weren’t on the menu so a very nice surprise to snack on while waiting for other guests to arrive.


Chef Southern and his helpers for the evening describing the first course. Old school presentation and he described it as a dish that would be equivalent to taking potato salad to a pot luck.


Causa Rellena con Vitello Tonnato y Rucola: traditional Peruvian chilled potato dish served with tuscan veal and tuna salad


Tacu Tacu “Arborio y Cannellini” con Picante de Mariscos: risotto and tuscan white beans cooked together and slightly crisped, served with a Peruvian seafood stew flavored with pisco and aji amarillo. My favorite course as it had the crunchiness of the rice, lots of seafood and the right amount of heat.


Seco y Parrilla de Cordero y Tallarines Rojo Asado: braised and grilled lamb with roasted plum tomatoes and tagliatelle. Very Italian dish here with slow roasted tomatoes, grilled lamb chops and tagliatelle but…


Also had to the Peruvian portion of the braised lamb. Chef said he used frozen peas, but from an organic farm in Oregon and not mass produced ones. He described how he grew up on a farm and his mother would freeze peas right after being picked so they could enjoy fresh peas in the dead of winter.


Picarones “Parque Kennedy” Acacia Honey, Cannoli Crema: traditional Peruvian sweet potato donuts. Great way to end they meal, they weren’t too sweet and the honey and cannoli crema combined very well.


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