Seattle – A Tryst With Spice Pop-Up

Prepare to feast with all of your senses! The Cilantro Sisters are presenting their fresh, innovative approach to contemporary Indian cuisine. This gastronomic lineup showcases locally sourced ingredients with a fusion of art and global influences on traditional Indian fare – a novel concept in Seattle’s Indian food scene!

Another night, another pop-up at the same location. I jumped on this one as soon as it appeared on the Dyne app since the Indian restaurants here are all basically the same and not of the best quality. Why we had Indian two of three nights in London last year. Much like Pisa y Pisco this dinner was communal seating and was again lucky to be seated with interesting guests who have the same level of appreciation of food.

The meal itself was truly a family affair, husbands and children were all involved in helping plate dishes and make sure everyone was having a good time. This gave time to the three chefs to explain their dishes and answer our questions about the seasonings since there was so much going on in each dish was hard to pick out each individual flavor.


Introduction – Maharani Breeze: Tamarind-lemon-flavored rum cocktail muddled with raspberry, lemon slices, mint and a hint of chaat masala.


First Impressions – Nawabi Shrimp: Polenta cake smothered with cilantro chutney, tapioca papad topped with spicy grilled shrimp and yogurt sauce.


Conversation Starter – Kurkuri Bhindi chaat: Crispy Okra with Chaat Masala, Tamarind and Mint Chutney. Mango Majleesh: Fresh mango marinated in tangy mustard and spicy pickle oil. This was my favorite dish, the okra was fried perfectly and had a good amount of spice. The mango was also nicely spiced and overall fun to combine the different flavors in all the possible combinations.


Courtship Dance – Mumtaaz Malai Fish: Succulent white fish with coconut-ginger-yogurt sauce, roasted nigella on slivered zucchini. The sauce was excellent and went well with the lightly breaded fish.


Intimate Affair – Bharela Ravaiya: Sweet spice stuffed miniature eggplants nested in traditional yogurt rice – a fusion of north meets south.


Indulgent Interlude – Kohinoor Kofta – Rustic stew of hand-molded bison kofta kebabs with pine nuts and sweet dried fig, served with aromatic cumin rice and microgreens. The kebabs were insanely tender and a great end to the savory courses of the meal.


Sweet Parting – Gajrella: Spiced Shredded Carrot Torte with Saffron Sabayon. The sabayon tasted like Indian rice pudding and the torte was a great Indian interpretation of carrot cake. The chai tea served with this very rich and we had to ask for more as we sat and chatted for a while longer as other guests were leaving.



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  1. Star Catcher February 8, 2016 at 10:24 pm Reply

    Hello there! The Cilantro Sisters have a new event! please check Eventbrite for details:

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