Rainier Beach – I Love Poke Seattle

For its first time ever Ono Yum will bring the I Love Poke event to the Upper Left USA!  Event creator Nino “Neens” Camilo has teamed with the Godfather of Poke himself, Chef Sam Choy, along with Sam’s business partner, Max Heigh of Sam Choy’s Poke to da Max foodtrucks.  Together these three poke guys are excited to bring you tastings of some of the best poke you will ever have in the PNW. 

Thankfully this was a protein heavy meal as I’m still recovering from the weekend’s pop-ups, chocolate festival and a few other meals out. Poke is my favorite Hawaiian food, closely edging out malasadas, and don’t get it that much even though there are a number of Hawaiian restaurants here. All of the version was good but a few stood out as being clearly ahead in terms of creativity and flavors. Was also nice to have some sliders and various desserts.

Kraken Congee won: http://www.komonews.com/seattlerefined/eat-drink/Sam-Choy-local-chefs-host-I-Love-Poke-Festival-331040181.html


Kraken Congee. K and I both thought this was the best, the rice was perfect and the fish seasoned well, the microgreens added some nice bitterness.


Zarlitos from San Diego. Huge firm pieces of tuna with a slightly too sweet traditional poke marinade


Stonehouse Cafe. Where the event was held, pretty good mixture of fish and IIRC watermelon.


Trace: Ahi poke on a wonton chip. Had three of these.


Hacking the Dragon with three offerings. Cold smoked coconut poke, definitely the most interesting of the night, the smoked fish tasted great.


Poke on rice, wasn’t as spicy as I was expecting with a name like Bomb! so was a bit disappointed.


Poke Nacho


Food and Sh*t: Three citrus tako – octopus, pomelo, pickled shallot, calamansi cilantro mayo, lime zest. Nice to have non-fish poke, was tasty but hard to eat since all the sauce was at the bottom.


13 Coins. Fish was good texture but didn’t have a lot of flavor.


Good oyster but again sauce wasn’t strong enough.


Poke to the Max: Kalua pig sliders.


Shiro’s. Salmon poke my second favorite and had the best presentation.


Calamansi mango (L) and white chocolate guava cheesecake. There were awesome, we tried all four flavors.


Stone House Bakery: black and white cookie, coconut cake and a fruit meringue

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