Seattle – Lamb Jam

Lamb Jam is an epic tasting event and competition that brings together talented chefs in each of the five tour cities to compete for the honor of Best Lamb Dish in their market and the chance to attend the finale where the 5 winning chefs battle for the title of “Lamb Jam Master.”

An afternoon of too much food and wine centered around my favorite meat. Once again Kraken Congee won our vote, amazing to see them nail two completely different cuisines in under three weeks. Their congee had great flavor the bits of lamb in it where just a bonus. Bell & Whete’s entry was my second favorite, the bun was nice and chewy and the Middle Eastern flavors contrasted nicely with sweetness of the bread.

Indeed Kraken and Belle & Whete were two of the winners.


Rhein Haus: Kibbeh kebabs with pomegranate tabbouleh and Muhammara.


Purple: Chile braised lamb shank tostones.


Lark: Chica and achiote braised lamb with Ecuadoran tortilla de tiesto.


Restaurant Zoe: Fire roasted lamb belly, smoked delicata puree, pickled beets, wild watercress, olives, honey black pepper Labneh, crispy Israeli couscous.


Volterra: Lamb meatballs served on roasted spaghetti squash, drizzled with goat cheese cream and topped with Calabrian chilles and Castelvetrano olive relish.


Lloyd Martin: Lamb ragu, potato gnocchi, truffle goat cheese fondue.


Trellis: Lamb bruschetta.


Lisa Dupar Catering: Nori crusted lamb shoulder, slow roasted squash, bok choy slaw and kimchi aioli.


Miller’s Guild: Wood grilled lamb neck with Indonesian pepper sauce & charred eggplant.


The Georgian: Spicy lamb fried rice with crispy lamb satay.


Kraken Congee: Gochujang braised lamb shoulder congee, charred scallion aioli, pickled daikon, wild sesame crunch.


Bell & Whete: Savory spiced lamb Khaliat nahal with Fenugreek seeds, saffron carrot goat yogurt.


Le Petit Cochon: Lamb pastrami, biscuit, Punjabi cabbage, apricot jam, preserved clementine yogurt, pickled red jalapeno.


Ethan Stowell Restaurants: Lamb curry with golden raisins.


Rusty’s Famous Cheesecakes: Marionberry cabernet.

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