Been on the boat for a week and had four days in Antarctica, gotten to ski for three of them. We’ve learned that weather down here does what it wants so have had mornings where we head out at 6am to tour for a few hours and days where we sit around until late afternoon or even evening before heading out.

Last night had a bbq that had to be indoors due to the weather that featured reindeer. It was tasty but slightly overdone. Being on an adventure cruise rather than a luxury cruise the food is much better than expected. Just like a regular cruise there are multiple meals throughout the day and cookies available 24/7. Having an amazing time exploring my 7th continent.


Gentoo penguins.


Amazing sunset and the warmest evening of the trip.



One thought on “Antarctica

  1. ramnarine13 November 25, 2015 at 11:00 pm Reply

    Love the picture!

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