Buenos Aires – Tarquino

Well getting to a big city after almost two weeks on a boat in the middle of nowhere felt very weird. Went with a few friends made on the trip to Tarquino to help the integration and had their sequence of cow meal. I was surprised that we were the last table to leave, also to be seated, given how late they eat down here and we went relatively early at 9:30. Maybe because it was a Thursday night and there is a big election on Sunday. The meal was fantastic and it was great to see many parts of the cow prepared in new ways and frankly a steal at ~$120.



Cow brain brioche, osso bucco dipping sauce


Asado candy, tasted like Nutella


We also had the malbec pairing



Beef Cheek: The meat was extremely tender, so much so it was hard to actually pick up with a fork. It was served with bell pepper served three ways:marinated, spheres and icecream



Offal: (starting at 12) tongue, walnut, kidney and liver, another sauce, intestine and sweetbread, scallion, bbq sauce in the middle. The tongue and sweetbreads were the best.



Beef tartar with quail egg and fried bread (L) and pastrami with french fry, truffled potato and semi-dry cherry. The tartar was fantastic and didn’t have a lot of added ingredients sot he beef stood out. The french fry tasted like it was cooked in tallow but the truffled potatoes didn’t taste much like truffle. The pastrami was very tender.



Pizza-style fillet: skirt steak with a tomato layer covered in runny cheese and oregano. Shaped like a pizza and tasted infinitely better, it was my favorite dish.



Tail: Palate cleanser where the oxtail is the shaved bits on that was a bit like jerky. Berry ase and icecream. Better than the actual dessert


Milk: Mate icecream over a cracker base with chocolate and orange sauce


48 proof, yikes!



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