Buenos Aires – Tegui

Tegui is a somewhat hidden restaurant, the facade is all graffiti with a door that has the restaurant’s name on it. Hit the button then enter the nicely designed space. In short the meal was incredible, my friend doesn’t eat meat and got beautifully made vegetarian dishes substituted. Sadly I didn’t take notes so explanations will be brief and incomplete. The worst part was starting at 9pm when I have a 4:30am flight to my next stop on this little adventure. In fact I’m writing this from the airport having not slept yet and only getting five hours the previous night.

I definitely see why Tegui is the #1 in Argentina. The flavors played well together and each dish was so different to keep us on our toes. Hard to pick a favorite but the egg yolk and oyster do stand out.



Corn cracker pizza


Green beans: summer flowers and asparagus. The beans were very crisp and whole, much like Noma from what I’ve seen.


Egg yolk with anchovy sauce with a scallion, again the roots were still attached showing the care in cleaning


Oyster with seabeans and a seaweed broth


Rabbit with corn icecream


Sweetbreads with mushrooms


Seabass with clam broth




Lamb with eggplant and peanuts


Strawberries with a vinegar sorbet. The strawberries were incredibly fresh and tasted the most strawberry I’ve ever had, if that makes sense.


Chocolate with dulce de leche underneath


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