Sacred Valley Peru – Skylodge

When I read about the Skylodge a few months after booking my flights I knew I had to do it, convincing my friend was the only hard part. She wasn’t scared of sleeping on a cliff face but was worried about the zipline to get down in the morning, turns out it wasn’t an issue and this activity was one of the highlights of my trip. Our guides Cesar and Erich were amazing, for the Skylodge they’re more than just mountain guides: they act as tour guides, chefs, waiters, porters, photographers and more.

As for the Skylodge itself we climbed up a 400m via ferrata to the three pods that are suspended on the cliff face with an amazing view of the valley. I had been looking forward to seeing many stars that night but since there was a full moon and some clouds we only saw a handful but did get a good sunrise. Dinner was awesome considering it had been hauled up the mountain and a few hours old. We were expecting some sandwiches and maybe a candy bar, instead we got a four course meal with a bottle of wine and great conversation with Cesar.



We all gathered at the guides’ pod for breakfast, don’t think one can get a better view anywhere else in the world. Too much food just like dinner and I felt obligated to eat everything since it was carried up by the guides, we even had scrambled eggs.

After breakfast it was time to take the zipline down, there were six in total and the second one was the longest at 700m, we did tandem since we were heading into the wind and even with the extra weight we still got stuck about 60m from the platform and had to be rescued by Erich.

Sadly we returned to the valley floor too soon and back to reality. We got to talk to one of the owners on the drive back to Cusco and heard about their expansion plans. While they are great I’m glad we went when it was as basic as it gets but if everything goes according to plan the experience will be more luxurious which should appeal to more customers.


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