Lima – Astrid & Gaston

We shared one ceviche since we had a late lunch at Astrid & Gaston. The restaurant is housed in a lovely building that also has La Barra, a bistro, and an event space in the courtyard. Outside is a small garden that has a cute area for kids.

Once inside we were seated in a spacious dining room that had great decor. The centerpieces were stacks of multi-colored wood that could be rotated. The butter was light and had some interesting flavors placed on top, couldn’t quite put my finger on it but was rather sweet. The amuse bouche was a mango sorbet with carrot and chili which I enjoyed with a glass of Spanish rose that lasted through the first course.


River prawn, pig’s jow, pear in sopa seca. The pork tasted very similar to Chinese roast pork but was more tender. The prawns were cooked perfectly and the sopa seca was nice and crunchy.


Goat, pumpkin ferment, ollucus, white chuno. Might as well celebrate Thanksgiving by having some pumpkin, the goat wasn’t as gamey as I’m used to and was very tender. Had with an Argentian Malbec.


Conger, Peruvian curry, sauteed vegetables, white sesame


Custard apple, caramel, tonka bean, manjor blanco


Lucuma, puff pastry, Orquidea 72%, raspberry, purple corn. This was an amazing dessert, all the flavors worked well together. I’m glad I went with a Peruvian dessert rather than the chocolate which looked great on paper.

The petit fours arrived in a rather large box that opened up to reveal a paper pillow containing a marshmallow, liquid herb filled sphere, and a chocolate. The great food in Lima continued and there are a few left before I finally head home after over three weeks away.


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