Lima – Rafael

Rafael was recommended by our host and only a block away. After traveling most of the day it was the perfect place to recharge with some great food and a few drinks. Lima is known as the food capital of South America and after eating here would have to agree.

We sat at the bar and tried to talk to the bartender mainly in Spanish. Mine isn’t very good anymore but my friend is pretty fluent but I can understand more than I can speak. At one point we watched him make a cocktail and I was trying to guess what it was, I said an Old Fashioned but it turned out to be a Manhattan. I was confused why he left some in the glass tumbler after pouring the drink until he grabbed a small glass, think a highball glass for a child, added the rest, then put it front of us. He later did the same thing with a Pisco sour, suffice to say we enjoyed both and shook hands with him as we left.



Tripe with poached egg and fried potatoes


Grilled octopus


Arroz con Pato: Duck with Peruvian fried rice.

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