Lima – Panchita

We wanted to try cuy and unfortunately we didn’t learn that Cusco is one of the best places for it until we were leaving. We spent hours searching and asking every cab driver where they recommend, we ended up settling on Panchita that had good TA reviews and was within walking distance. The restaurant specializes in Peruvian Creole food and it was packed with mainly locals when we arrived, always a good sign. We ordered a drink and were prepared to wait 40 minutes for a table when one opened up at the bar so we were quickly seated. One thing I’ve noticed is that Peruvians are extremely nice, some of the nicest I’ve encountered on my travels around the world. It also feels genuine unlike some other countries.

The cuy here isn’t as big as elsewhere so they recommended to order another dish, we got a selection of grilled chicken heart/liver/gizzards and beef heart. Dinner was good but the cuy was mostly just fried skin with some meat that tasted like pork. Would’ve liked to have a much bigger one like you’d get in Cusco that serves two people, we saw some in the public market but were too chicken to try. Next time.


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